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What Should I Wear To My Shoot? Kids Editions

We get asked plenty of questions about what children should wear for their studio experience.

We want kids to be comfortable and able to move freely for their shoots, so we will always recommend that smart and casual dress is best. The main rule of thumb is no whites or pastel colours, bright or bold colours are preferable as your child is photographed against a white background and we need them to stand out!

Babies (under 1 year)

For babies, we always recommend that you steer away from onesies as they can distort your child’s shape in photos. A separate top and bottoms (leggings or shorts) always look best. Bows or accessories are good, but nothing too big or distracting!

Boys (2 years +)

For boys, a collared shirt is always preferable over a t-shirt for a smart and casual look. Khakis, chinos, or jeans in a dark colour look great against a light background. As do smart leather shoes, rather than sneakers or sports shoes.

Girls (aged 2 years +)

A dress or a top and skirt are perfect for girls! We always suggest simple colours and patterns to avoid clashing. Sandals or flat footwear is ideal and makes moving around the studio much easier.

Teens (12 years +)

We still recommend smart casual dress for teens, but think nice jeans (no rips or fraying please!) and a smart top or shirt. Collared shirts for boys are still the number one option, and for girls, we try to steer away from midriff-baring crop tops, low cut tops and short shorts or mini skirts/dresses. Once again flat shoes will be most comfortable, you need to be able to move freely and comfortably for your photoshoot!

We don’t require your child to have their hair done, and we do not want them to wear makeup, as we want to see them fresh-faced and natural. Remember to follow the golden rules of no whites or pastels, think bright bold colours and smart, yet comfortable clothing and footwear. We want your child to be comfortable in what they wear so they can perform their best in front of the camera.



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