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7 Reasons To Get Your Family Photographed Every Year

You may be thinking, I have thousands of photos of my kids on my camera roll, why would I need to pay for professional family photos? Well to that we say…

1. Capture your family at their best Professional photographers have a few tricks up their sleeves to create candid smiles, laughter and movement that will paint your family in the best light.

2. Time passes so quickly

Document the little changes in personalities, heights and style that occur over time. Is there anything more fun than looking back at photographs as a family and remembering funny haircuts or phases family members were going through at the time? By documenting important life events and key milestones that your children reach you will make them feel all the more special.

3. Increase your child’s confidence Every chance that your child has to be in front of a camera will reduce their unease and increase their confidence. They will learn that the camera isn’t something to be scared of and they will be able to see the best version of themselves in the final photographs.

4. Create a feeling of belonging within your family

The process of dressing up, posing and having fun together will give your family a sense of unity - visually and emotionally. It can be a bonding experience that creates a sense of pride.

5. Create art for your home

What better way to make your house feel like a home than hanging family portraits on the wall? They can double as beautiful pieces of art that uplift your mood and create a fun talking point for when guests come to visit.

6. Tick some gifts off your list

This time of year it feels like there's an endless list of people to buy for. There’s nothing better than receiving a sentimental gift that feels personal to its recipient. Once you purchase the copyright of the image after your photo session - you are free to print it on as many gift options as you’d like; think mugs, photo books, canvas, prints, T-shirts etc - there’s something for everyone in your life!

7. Make some memories Lastly, a photo shoot is at the very least, a fun day out with your loved ones that will be looked back on with fondness and become a special memory that you’re reminded of every time you look at your new piece of art.



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