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Studio Hire & Rental

Here at Attitude Studios, we offer a great range of studio hire, rental and photographer studio rental options, to help you find the best solution for your next photo shoot. We are open to photographers who need a space and allow THREE outlined membership options, that include a certain amount of studio hire hours a month for a set price, with certain studio specifications. Our membership options are easy, convenient and affordable for any kind of photographer, and sort of photoshoot. We also offer a range of custom studio hire options, so if a photography membership doesn't suit your needs, then get in touch with our team and we can try to find an option that suits everyone. 

Photography Memberships


Our photography membership options provide you with a professional creative studio at an affordable price compared to a regular studio hire. You can rent our studio for a specific amount of hours per month. All memberships are paid per month and must be paid in entirety before the beginning of your month at our studio. Every membership also includes a $200 bond to be in advance and will be refunded back to you after the month, if you meet the outlined terms and conditions. We offer remote access to the studio which offers easy access, without having to deal with keys. You can use your allotted hours in a range of ways including two-hour slots, half days or full days depending on your membership type.  Either book below by selecting your preferred membership options, or get in touch with Attitude Studios via our contact page to discuss any other studio hire, rental or membership option. 

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